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My Top 5 Favorite Wax Melts

Amber's blends are always unique and when she makes another special blend I always say the same thing, "This is my favorite!" I can't help it.. they all smell great, but I always find myself melting the same scents. Below I listed the ones that I really think are my favorite as I keep going back to them. Here they are starting with #5..


Wax Melt for Warmer
Caramel Apple Cider Melt

#5 Caramel Apple Cider

This blend smells exactly like you would expect, except better! The smell is mouthwatering and reminds me of the caramel apple pops I used to eat as a kid. The chewy caramel and apple really make the house smell like fall time.

#4 Fruity Pebbles & Anything

Fruity Pebbles scent mixed with anything else always makes me hungry. I don't know why but I forget I put this on the warmer and 10 minutes later I smell it and get hungry 😢If I had a blindfold on and someone put a bowl of this wax in front of me, I would probably eat it 😂(*Warning - Do Not Eat Wax)

#3 Barbershop & Vanilla Bean Noel

The Barbershop scent smells like a sweet shaving cream I used mixed with Vanilla Bean Noel. It is an odd blend that I think works well together. I didn't think I would like this when Amber mentioned it to me however I was surprised. I melt this one on cleaning days.

#2 Lady & The Tramp

One of Amber's first blends and seriously top two of my favorites. This is a blend of Leather, Pipe Smoke, and Vanilla Bean Noel. I melt this on cleaning days as well.

#1 Halloween Puppuccino

This one is my top all time favorite melts! I came up with this blend for our first Halloween batch of boxes in 2017. It is made with a little cup & a whipped topping. One of our Husky's favorite treats from Starbucks & probably your dogs favorite's too. But ours has a fun bakery blend. It's a blend of Cider Donuts, Snickerdoodles, Sugar Cookies, Caramel, & Toasted Marshmallows! I melt this on cold rainy spooky nights.

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