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Mother's Day Melts

Mother's Day is right around the corner! We paired scents with some character traits to help you pick out the perfect wax melt for that special mama.

The Nerd

A socially awkward person who is introverted and an intellectual that loves to read. Sound like someone you know? Well, then we have some great scents that we think they would like.

Every nerd loves the smell of leather-bound books so why not get them Banana Bag?

It smells like a banana was squished between the pages of a leather-bound book. The biggest nerd would love this scent.

Another identifying trait of the nerd is that they're always snacking on something. If your nerd is always eating we recommend Munchies Wax Melt. It's a blend of Almond Biscotti and Pumpkin Cider Donuts, a favorite for any munchie-eating nerd.

The Gardener

This person loves being outdoors or tending to her indoor plants until spring arrives. They appreciate nature and are very curiosity-driven and kind. They sometimes lack patience but have the biggest hearts. Does this sound like anyone you know?

Pink lavender is great for this person. A floral scent that smells like being outside in the spring mixed with the fresh scent of pink sugar cookies. Any gardener would appreciate this scent.

The gardener is also no stranger to fire. Often setting fires to make way for new growth or even making charcoal to amend flower beds we think they would like Marshmallow fireside. The pleasant scent of a bonfire mixed with marshmallows would make a great gift for any gardener.

The Socializer

This type of person loves to be outgoing and enthusiastic. The socializer is very relationship-oriented and loves making conversation.

They give compliments freely and are not afraid to chat it up with strangers. Do you know a socializer? Well, then we have the perfect scents for them too.

Lavender Soda is a very bubbly soda-type scent with hints of floral lavender that is perfect for the socializer. The bubbles of this scent will fit perfectly with such a bubbly personality.

If your socializer loves gatherings, especially carnivals; then they would love Blue Cotton Candy. This sugary-sweet fluffy cotton candy scent is perfect for this type of personality.

The Target Girl

This girl has a little bit of every trait. Introverted but still loves going out to Target and Starbucks. Shy but will talk your head off if she's comfortable with you. You won't find her without a coffee in her hand also tends to love TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, and At Home. Sound like someone you know? Then try these melts as gifts for them.

The chances your target girl is obsessed with Dr.Pepper are very high so we would highly recommend Doctor Berry. It's a mix of Dr. Pepper, Strawberries, and cream and is very similar to their strawberries and cream soda.

Does your target girl also love stopping for donuts? Well, then Jelly Donut is the perfect wax melt for her. This melt smells like strawberry jam and deep-fried cinnamon donuts and is perfect after a long shopping day.

If you're still having trouble picking out scents for a Mother's Day gift you can't go wrong with one of our Random Wax Melt Sampler Bundle! 10 Random Melts shipped for $19.99 when you sign up for free shipping.

Have a Happy Mother's Day to all the hard-working mamas out there!

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