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Who are we? How did we get started?

Updated: Feb 22

Amber and I are high school sweethearts. We’ve met in 2006 on Friday the 13th, since then we've been inseparable. Amber went to school for business administration and I went to school for accounting. We both wanted to start a business together and after listening to a podcast we were inspired to start WoofWix.

Why Wax Melts?

Before WoofWix, Amber would make custom stickers on her Etsy store called PlanWithAmbo. Inspired by a business podcast and her love of candles she looked into making it a business. During her formulation research she found that wax melts were very popular so she set on her quest to find the perfect formula. After months of painstaking formula testing she and I created what we think is the best formula for wax melts and WoofWix was created.

image of a man and woman.
Amber & Steven

"After months of painstaking formula testing she and I created what we think is the best formula for wax melts and WoofWix was created."

What did we do before WoofWix?

Amber worked at Lowe's home improvement for a while and after started her Etsy shop PlanWithAmbo. She made custom drawings on her laptop and created cute stickers for the planner community. She currently works on WoofWix full time.

I currently work for a chemical company while we build WoofWix, but before we started making wax melts I worked for a shipping logistics company.

old woofwicks logo that the company used before they change their name to pop a melt. wolf logo with a board
Our dog Loki inspired our melts

Why is there a dog in our logo?

Amber and I really love dogs, especially our Siberian Husky Loki. We knew we had to distinguish ourselves from other wax melt companies so we decided to make our melts dog themed. We commissioned an artist to draw Loki into a logo for our company. It was the perfect logo for us! However due to copyright restriction we had to change our company name.

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Steven Wolf
Steven Wolf
Oct 20, 2018

Thank you ! We were a bit nervous sharing a bit about ourselves because we usually are very private but we felt it was important to share with our community. That means a lot to us that you enjoy our wax. We are excited to see what’s to come.


It's nice to see a back story like this!! I didnt know any of it!!! I've tried a lot of companies and hands down your wax is the best imo. I cant wait to see where the company takes off and watch you grow.

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