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5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Special Guy

After looking around the house and coming up with a list of purchases I have made and loved, I've come up with my top five gift ideas your husband, boyfriend or even your dad. They will be sure to love these gifts this holiday season. Also, I made sure to keep each item under the $25 range. So here they are:

Whisky Glass
Glencairn Glass

#5 A Set of Glencairn Whiskey Glasses

What are they? They are specialty glasses made for tasting whisky. They're shaped a special way to ensure the smells funnel up so you can smell the aromas of the whisky before tasting. Honestly the swirling motion and smelling is half the experience with tasting whisky. You can purchase them from $14 to $20 on Amazon depending on the seller.

#4 Wireless Waterproof Speaker

This speaker is a workhorse. I've dropped it so many times and it's still working. The main reason I bought this speaker was to use it in the shower. I listen to podcasts at any chance I get and the shower is a great place to listen to them. I don't submerge the speaker but it does get water on it all the time. If it breaks I will buy another one. It's currently priced at $19.49

#3 Aeropress Coffee Maker

The Aeropress Coffee Maker is a way to brew your coffee without an expensive machine like the keurig. The main advantage is that you control the temperature of the water before brewing your coffee. I find that just below boiling point is the perfect temperature to brew my favorite coffee beans. I don't care if my cousin Heather call me a hipster for making my coffee this way I love it and I won't go back. Priced at $23.96 it's a steal because your special guy will be using this for a lifetime.

#2 Kershaw Clash

Another workhorse product is the Kershaw Clash. This knife is perfect for everyday carrying. I use it mainly for opening boxes but it's a useful tool and I'm surprised how much I use it. I have four always roaming the house so they're not far when I need them. Priced at $16.15 it seriously competes with the more expensive knives like my Benchmade knives ($150-$200) Yes, I compared a Benchmade to a Kershaw and I think the Kershaw beats the Benchmade in value. You won't regret buying the Kershaw Clash for him.

#1 Man Cave Melts

You know I have to represent our melts! Specifically the Woof Den Bundle is a great bundle for him. At $5.99 It has many scents that are considered "Manly" and I must say they are really good for my office. It has many scent notes like Tobacco, Barbershop, Leather, Pipe Smoke and Suede. I guarantee you'll be surprised at how often he puts these melts on the warmer. It also gives you an excuse to buy yourself some melts too 😂😂😂😂

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